SwitchingColor Shader

原文:SwitchingColor Shader

你有看过这个 Nissan Juke 的网站专题吗?我在偶然在 Away3D showcase 里发现这个 microsite 的。很棒的美术,优雅的程序。自从我玩过许多 shader 之后,我立刻就对这个不可思议的 shader 作品产生兴趣。尤其这个“颜色切换”特效(当你点击汽车有色的区域并选择一个新颜色的时候)引起了我的注意。花了几个钟头的修修补补之后我做了一个 shader 出来,看起来很像。看!就点击方块的任意地方,却换到一个随机颜色。

Have you already seen the Nissan Juke webspecial? I came across this microsite on the Away3D showcase. Great artwork, neat programming. As I was playing a lot with shaders, I was immediately interested in the incredible shaderwork that was done here. Especially the “color switching” effect (when you click on a colored area of the car and select a new color), caught my attention. After some hours of tinkering I came up with a shader, which looks quite the same. Have a look! Just click on the block anywhere, to switch to a random color.